When Quacks Duck the Facts and Other Waterfowl Puns

Firstly, I hope that one and all had a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year. I spent some time up North with my parents for Thanksgiving and Chanukah, followed by a week-long vacation in the Caribbean, and then laid low for a few weeks at home around Christmas and New Year’s.

I know this story has been played back and forth for a while now, but living in Louisiana and seeing the new season of Duck Dynasty has begun as planned, I thought a light first post of the year might address the Phil Robertson “scandal.” (Did it have a name, by the way? Robertsongate? Ducknado?)

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed…

To begin, I fully acknowledge that whatever I say on this subject, I will get in trouble with someone. I also want to emphasize – and I’ll reiterate it later – that I am talking about the legal, federally recognized contract of marriage only, and this has nothing at all to do with a spiritual union of two souls, which I believe is an entirely separate matter. I am talking about the institution of marriage recognized by the government that allows two people certain benefits from the government. Have I stated that clearly enough yet?

The most rational argument I ever read regarding same-sex marriage was actually a comment in an Internet discussion thread from an atheist that was also a lesbian. It was a very logically and unemotionally stated opinion; and it was ultimately wrong. Well, somewhat.

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